Brown County Sheriff's Office



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Address: 22 SE Court Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.
Phone: (605) 626-7100
Fax: (605) 626-4015

Aberdeen Area Law Enforcement Becomes First in South Dakota to launch On-line Crime Alerting and Mapping with
Citizens empowered with near real-time neighborhood crime information available 24/7/365.

Aberdeen, SD March 20, 2009 – Brown County Communications – Public Engines today announced that the Aberdeen Police Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Office and the Groton Police Department became the first law enforcement agencies in the state of South Dakota to sign a partnership with to share neighborhood crime incident information with community members via the Internet.  (Click for the complete press release)

Sheriff to preserve the peace - Apprehension of felons - Execution of process. The Sheriff shall keep and preserve the peace within the county, for which purpose he is empowered to call to his aid such persons or power of his county as he may deem necessary. He must pursue and apprehend all felons, and must execute all writs, warrants, and other process from court or magistrate which shall be directed to him by legal authority.

The job of Sheriff is an elected position. Sheriff Mark Milbrandt is in his fourth term in office (terms are for four years). Sheriff Milbrandt is a life-time Brown County resident who resides in Aberdeen.


There are 51 full time and numerous part-time employees at the Sheriff's Office. Jailors, Home Detention Officers and JDC officers both are on the radio from time to time. They often transport inmates to medical appointments.

Law Enforcement is only part of the work done by the Sheriff's Office. Much of our work is mandated by statute. We maintain the warrant file for the county, transport prisoners to prison and back to South Dakota if they are arrested out of state. We also transport all committals to the Human Services Center in Yankton. We serve all court papers and PDO's. We do Executions of Judgment. Court security for major trials, and magistrate court or any time a Judge requests security.

We have 13 field Deputies and 3 Jail Deputies. Most of them have a specialized task as well as responding to routine and emergency calls:  2 are DARE Officers, 2 Deputies do Executions, 2 Deputies work a late shift (early morning hours), a warrant officer, a process server and an Investigator. One Deputy is a member of the Aberdeen Police Department/Brown County Sheriff Special Response Team. One deputy is assigned to a joint drug task force (joint effort of the Brown County Sheriff, Aberdeen Police Department, South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations, and others).  Another deputy is assigned to Brown County Communications/Dispatch (911 Center) as Director of Communications.

Brown County is the NE link of the South Dakota Prisoner Transport System. Two days per week we leave Aberdeen with our inmates and inmates from surrounding counties. We make stops in Redfield, Huron, and Mitchell. In Mitchell we meet a bus from Pennington County and Springfield. They each have inmates from the areas they have traveled through and we swap and transport the inmates back to correctional facilities. The bulk of the transferee's are Department of Corrections Inmates going from one facility to another.

There are also other Law Enforcement officers in Brown County that are sworn as Deputy Sheriffs. Among them are Aberdeen Police and Groton Police officers.

16 full-time employees staff the Jail. There is a full-time and a part-time cook. The jail houses up 48 inmates but has at times housed up to 62 inmates.

5 full-time and 11 part-time employees staff the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). They house approximately 9 inmates. The inmates attend school during the school year. There is a classroom and a teacher in house.

In conjunction with JDC, we have a Home Detention Program. This is a monitored release program. Defendants in the Sheriff's custody, who are determined not to meet the criteria for incarceration are placed on this supervision program. Currently, there are three full-time and several part-time, home detention officers. These are not sworn staff and will call for Law Enforcement assistance to detain and transport defendants. They do not need further court order to place the Defendants into JDC as they are already in the Sheriff's custody.

A program that was added recently to the duties of the Sheriff's Office is the 24/7 program.  The program is court ordered to alcohol offenders to monitor alcohol use through the use of twice a day breath tests or the use of ankle bracelets that are then downloaded via telephone.  This program is in place to ensure that there is no alcohol used during the court ordered period.

Brown County has an operational dive and rescue team.  The team consists of 15 volunteers that are trained in all aspects of ice and open water diving.  The team has helped in various missions (evidence recovery and flood rescues) and is mobile with its own dive/rescue vehicle.

Vehicles and Equipment

Brown County has 22 vehicles assigned to the Sheriff's Office including several unmarked units, a transport van, 1987 HumVee, 10 marked patrol cars and 3 Suburbans.

Each vehicle is equipped to transport prisoners and respond to emergency calls.

Other available equipment includes night vision goggles and thermal imaging units.

Command Unit, a 33 foot trailer- equipped with radios, phone and other support items.

Two small boats and outboard motors.

Dive van for the search and rescue, dive team.

Brown County
36 miles x 48 miles = 1728 square miles

County line from Aberdeen City limits:

23 m East Bordered by Day (22-1) and Marshall County (48-1)

10 m West Bordered by Edmunds (26-1) and McPherson County (47-1)

14 m South Bordered by Spink County (57-1)

32 m North Bordered by Dickey and Sargent County (North Dakota)

1 Hutterite Colony

South end of the County on BC18

11 Cities (other than Aberdeen)


SD37 4 m S of ND line

43 m from Aberdeen


SD 10 13 m E of US281

32 m from Aberdeen


US281 7 m S of ND line

26 m from Aberdeen


17 m N of Aberdeen on BC10



11 m N of Aberdeen on BC10



11 m N of US12 on BC 16

18 m from Aberdeen


BC 9 2 m W of Marshall Co.

35 m from Aberdeen


US12 17 m E of Aberdeen



8 S of Aberdeen on BC10



9 S 2 E of US12 and BC16



6 E of Aberdeen on US12



9 m S of US12 on SD37

26 m from Aberdeen


17 m S of US12 on SD37

34 m from Aberdeen


16 m S of Aberdeen on US281


Five used to be towns: A few more, but they are not on maps anymore.


10 m E of Aberdeen on US12



3 m W of SD37 on BC13

19 m from Aberdeen


11 m N of US12 on SD37

27 m from Aberdeen


1 m E of BC18/Spink Co. Line

26 m from Aberdeen


2 m E and 1 m N of Warner

10 m from Aberdeen


8 m N of US12 on BC14

9 m from Aberdeen

47 Townships - Each township has a board and chairperson. They each maintain the roads in their own township other than US, State, or County roads. Most gravel roads are township roads.

Groton is the only city other than Aberdeen with a Police Department. It is a 3 man department and they will respond to emergencies outside their city limits.

Hecla has a contract with the Brown County Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement for that community.