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This Day in History - February 11-15

February 11, 1979

National Headlines:

  • More than a dozen states are discussing abolishing the 55 mile per hour speed limit.  In a recent AP poll, 59 percent of the public favor keeping the speed limit at 55 and 39 percent feel each state should be able to set its own speed limit.

State Headlines:

  • Governor Bill Janklow signed into law a very controversial bill permitting an open season for dove hunting. 

Local/Area Headlines:

  • The Brown County Commission has banned smoking during their official meeting sessions.  All ash trays have been removed from the commission chambers.

  • Scott Bosanko was the high scoring member of the NSU Wolves with 12 points in last night’s 90-51 loss to Huron College.

  • Jim Thares led the Ipswich Tigers with 12 points in their 46-37 defeat of Herried.

  • Keith Hurley’s 8 points helped Milbank defeat Webster 58-50.

  • Mrs. Karlon (Sonya) Kempf and Lesli Schulkowski of Eureka will present their senior recitals at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  Mrs. Kempf is an organist and Miss Schulkowski is a vocalist and both are music majors at Northern.

  • Country Kitchen is offering a slice of cherry pie in honor of Washington’s birthday for just $.59 all through the month of February.

  • Make plans now to take your Valentine to the area’s most famous disco--Snoopies.

  • Osco is featuring the new “Hot Air” popcorn poppers for just $31.95.  Makes great tasting popcorn without the added calories of the grease used to pop corn the traditional way.

  • Enjoy special savings on all diamonds during Kirkpatrick Jewelry’s 73rd anniversary sale this week.

  • The rock group “Asia” played for Roncalli’s sweetheart dance.  Students from Central were invited to attend.

  • K-mart has all your favorite 8-tracks on sale for just $2.44 each!

  • On TV tonight:  Sunday night movies--”One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest” or “Gone with the Wind”


February 12, 1986

National Headlines:

  • NASA officials and others associated with America’s space program are in Washington DC to testify before Congress about the January 28 explosion of the Challenger spacecraft that killed its seven member crew including teacher Christa McAullife.

State Headlines:

  • For the first time in 16 years, the USD School of Business has cancelled its tour of Europe.  The reason--terrorism.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • Paul Gisi and Rich Russman will be among performers in USD’s annual Stroller’s variety show.

  • Jorgenson’s Menswear “going out of business” sale continues throughout this week.  Everything must go, great prices on name brands.

  • Great Valentine gift for your little girl--Rainbow Brite--just $4.99 at Pamida.

  • The nursery at St. Luke’s hospital is a busy place.  There have been 20 babies born in the past week.  New parents include Nancy and Harvey Oliver.

  • Need a new computer printer?  See Radio Shack for a new Daisy Wheel Printer--only $599.99

  • Conde is hosting a dance to promote its Centennial celebration scheduled this summer.  The dance will be held at the Conde Municipal building with music provided by the Satellites.  The event will include a Kangaroo Court.

  • Showing at the Cinema Twin Theaters:  Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa” and Rob Lowe in “Young Blood”  “101 Dalmatians” is showing at the Capitol.

  • Tonight on TV:  “Highway to Heaven”  “Equalizer” and “Foley Square”


February 13, 1959

National Headlines:

  • A vice-principal in Los Angeles has completed a study of high school boys to determine the correlation between owning cars and school grades.  His results resoundingly prove that car ownership is a hindrance to an education.  Here are his results:  Of boys surveyed, not a single A student owned a car; 15% of B students owned cars; but 41% of C students, 71% of D students at 83% of F students owned cars.  Many car owners end up quitting school, or at least athletics, just to earn money to keep their jalopies running!!

State Headlines:

  • Some bills under consideration in this year’s state legislative session:  raise the value of stolen property to $50 for grand larceny; increase the tax on a pack of cigarettes to 5 cents; outlaw common law marriages after July 1, 1959; require that persons arrested for indecent exposure be given a mental examination.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • Nearly 200 new fluorescent lights will be installed in the Federal Building. 

  • The City of Aberdeen is still looking for a dogcatcher.  Several people have expressed interest in the job, but no one has taken it.

  • Today’s special at Newberry’s luncheonette:  Country style chicken fried steak, mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot vegetables, roll and butter just $.63!!

  • Don’t miss professional bowler, Jack Adolite, at the King Pin Bowling Alley on South Main.  He will be available for lessons, will bowl a match with a local bowler and show a film about building a successful bowling team.

  • Beth Crane and Gerald Geditz were crowned the Sweetheart Royalty at Ipswich High School.

  • Listen to Helen Holgate’s “Listen Ladies” radio show weekday mornings at 11a.m on KDSN.  Highlights for this week include:  An interview with SD First Lady Lorna Herseth, favorite recipes from the kitchen of Supreme Court Justice Sinclair Smith’s family, and an interview with the executive secretary of SD’s Society of Crippled Children.

  • Top Records this week:  “Whispering Pines” by Johnny Horton, “Tall Paul” by Annette, “16 Candles” by the Crests, and “My Happiness” by Connie Francis.

  • At the movies:  Sal Mineo in “Tonka” at the Capitol and Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in the “Perfect Furlough” at the Orpheum.


February 14, 1967

National Headlines:

  • The American Football League is considering expanding to 10 teams by summer.  Cities under consideration to host the new team include:  Cincinnati, Birmingham, Seattle and Phoenix.  Owners are also meeting to consider moving the annual Super Bowl game to Miami.

  • Wilt Chamberlain had 58 points to help his 76ers defeat Cincinnati 131-123.  This was the 113th time in his professional career that Chamberlain topped 50 points in regular season play.

State Headlines:

  • Representatives from SDSU’s Young Republicans and Young Democrats agree on one thing--the SD legislature should lower the voting age from 21 to 19.  The students testified yesterday on the floor of the state house in favor of a bill to lower the state’s voting age.

Local/Area Headlines

  • Northern senior Terry Small of Blunt, SD, will be practice teaching at Simmons Junior High for the next nine weeks. 

  • Osco Drug is celebrating its 1st anniversary with the following specials:  12 pack Sylvania Flash Cubes for just $.99; Kodak Super 8 movie film $2.88; 3 cans Wilderness Cherry Pie filling for just $.88, a 10 pound bag of Cat’s Pride cat litter only $.49.

  • Plan to attend the “Old Time German Night” at the Holiday Inn.  Menu includes spicy brat wurst, sauerkraut & ribs, German potato pancakes, and hot German potato salad.  All for just $1.95  Dance to Cal Golz and his German Band.

  • If you prefer lutefisk, don’t forget the Virginia Cafe offers fresh lutefisk and homemade lefse every Friday evening.

  • Bruce Cutler’s 21 points led to Claremont’s 66-58 win over Groton.  

  • The top 20 tunes for the week--all available as 45s at Engel Music for just $.91 each.  Add $.15 is you’d like your selection mailed to you-- “Kind of a Drag” by the Buckinghams; California Nights” by Leslie Gore; “Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones; and “You Got to Me” by Neil Diamond.

  • See Annette Funicello, Fabian, and Frankie Avalon in “Fireball 500” at the Orpheum tonight.  Starting tomorrow, the most terrifying film of our time “The Wild Angels” starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra.  Members of the Hells Angels gang will make cameo appearances.

  • Police calls:  A woman from Bath reported that her bowling ball was stolen out of her car while it was parked in an Aberdeen parking lot.


February 15, 1964

National Headlines:

  • The Beatles performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City earlier this week.  Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller, wife of New York’s governor, was spotted in the 4th row--she accompanied her two young daughters to the concert.

  • Jury selection will begin next week in the Jack Ruby murder trial.  Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of President John Kennedy, on nationwide television.

State Headlines:

  • There will be an open house at Oahe Dam, the world’s largest rolled earth dam, to honor Engineer’s Week in South Dakota.  The public is invited to tour the nearly completed structure, which includes the dam, its powerhouse and spillway.

Local/Area Headlines

  • The YWCA board of director’s announced the date of its annual Tulip Luncheon.  Funds from past Tulip Luncheons helped the Y build its new building that will be dedicated in April of this year.

  • The Bowdle PTA announced its project for the year would be to purchase a new library cart and 4 tetherballs for the school playground.

  • Larry Lovrien is a new student at Simmons Junior High School.  He and his family moved to Aberdeen recently from Iowa.

  • Linda Tischer has been chosen to represent Hecla High School at Girls State later this year.

  • Aberdeen Central actors will present “South Pacific”.  Diane Evenson and Jerry Lusk have the lead roles.  The accompaniment trio includes Chuck Gugel on drums.

  • Top records this week:  “I Want to Hold Your Hand” the Beatles; “She Loves You” the Beatles; “You Don’t Own Me” Leslie Gore; “Dawn” by the Four Seasons, and “Java” by Al Hirt.

  • The Brown County sheriff has recovered the safe stolen last week from the Ranch Cafe.  $1,000 was missing from the safe, all other papers and records were accounted for.

  • The Aberdeen City Commission has approved the installation of one-hour parking meters along the downtown avenues.

  • Tonight on TV:  “Ozzie & Harriet”, “McHale’s Navy”, “Phil Silvers” and “Gunsmoke”