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This Day in History - February 25-29

February 25, 1977

National Headlines:

  • Singer Anita Bryant is being black listed due to her stand on gay rights.

  • The price of an ounce of gold stands at $141.25--today it is over $900.00!

State Headlines:

  • The state house health and welfare committee approved a bill to allow cancer patients to use the controversial drug “laetrile” (la-i-trill)  The full house will debate the issue next week.

Local/Area Headlines;

  • A winter storm dumped 10.5” of snow on Aberdeen overnight closing schools and postponing Class B District basketball action for a day.

  • At the weekly meeting of the Aberdeen City Commission, commissioners listened to concerns from the public about the city’s plan to build a footbridge over Moccasin Creek east of the horseshoe pits.

  • Northern seniors Kim Aldinger, Paul Dutt, Bob Olson and Bernita Hopf will be practice teaching in area schools this semester.

  • Stew Mehlhaff led the Eureka Trojans to a 54-40 win over Roscoe with 15 points.

  • Stop at McDonald’s for your cup of morning coffee--it’s only $.15 a cup!!

  • “Rocky” opens next week at the Orpheum.

  • Tickets now available for Groton Chamber Choir and Stage Band’s Cabaret Concert.  $2.00 each.

  • Enjoy music by “Tree” Palmquist from 5pm - 6pm nightly at Capitol I, 420 S Mai 

  • Tonight on TV:  “The Donny & Marie Show”, “Quincy” “The Sonny & Cher Show. 


February 26, 1982

National Headlines:

  • As the depression in the automobile and housing industry continues, Detroit put another 51,375 auto workers on “temporary furlough” increasing the total number of deferred auto workers to nearly 250,000!!

  • The Reagan administration has imposed a boycott on oil from Libya and has halted the sale of US equipment to the gas and oil companies of Libya in its efforts to cripple Libya’s rebel leader, Mohamar Kadhafi.

 State Headlines:

  • The state legislature is dealing with a bill that one member says has “more lives than an alley cat”--the bill seeks $5.9 million for a new athletic complex on the campus of NSU with yearly payments of $800,000 to come out of a special student tuition fund.

  • Some Deadwood business owners claim the newly passed gaming laws will double Deadwood tourism numbers in the next 10 years.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • Three Aberdeen police officers are facing de-certification as the result of alleged marijuana-related activities.

  • Rollaway USA is hosting a fundraiser today for the SD Easter Seal Society.

  • The Redfield Lions Club is sponsoring a mud wrestling contest.  So far 35 wrestlers have signed up.  This is a fundraiser for the Redfield High School Band.

  • Plan to attend the dedication of Berggren Recital Hall in Johnson Fine Arts Center.  Guest artists will be the Dakota String Quartet.

  • Take your family to “Bump and Tilt” 501 S Roosevelt behind Super 8 for an evening of fun.  Bumper car rides are just $.25 each.

  • Warner defeated Cresbard for the District 1 basketball title.  High scorers were Warner’s Wade Rozell with 16 and Cresbard’s Monte Kretchmar with 25.

  • A bushel of Number 1 spring wheat is bringing $3.65. 

  • K-Mart is having a 6-day tire sale.   4-ply polyester cord whitewalls are just $29.97 each--includes mounting.

  • See “Raiders of the Lost Ark” at the Capitol.


February 27, 1965

National Headlines:

  • Militant black supremacist leader, Malcolm X, was buried today in a Muslin cemetery in New York.  He was assassinated six days ago as he spoke to supporters.

  • US Air Force B57 bombers made steady runs over the jungles south of Saigon today dropping 750-pound bombs every 20 minutes.

State Headlines:

  • State tourism officials received over 3000 requests in one day last week for information about vacationing in South Dakota.  The office mailed almost 800 pounds of literature to every state in the union in response to these inquiries.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • Tom Daschle was recently elected president of the senior class at Aberdeen Central High School.

  • Governor Nils Boe will be in Aberdeen tonite to receive an honorary membership in the Aberdeen Jaycees.  The “Howdy Gov” banquet event scheduled at the Ward Hotel Ballroom is sold out!

  • The Aberdeen National Bank is holding an open house to showcase its new facility.  Notable is the 42 foot spire placed on the building’s southern corner to hold a revolving bank emblem.

  • Girl Scout cookie sales started yesterday. Three cookie varieties are offered this year--thin mint, shortbread, and peanut butter sandwich cookies.

  • The Rainbow Ballroom in Britton is now open for the season with dances every Saturday night.

  • Specials at Red Owl:  1 pound sliced bacon $.29; a head of lettuce $.10; 10 pounds of white sugar just $.89

  • Sunday dinner at White’s patio just $.98--your choice of deep fried chicken or baked pork chops with all the trimmings.

  • Law students from law schools at University of ND, University of SD, and Manitoba University are in town for the International Moot Court competition.  The competition will be held in the US District courtroom in the federal building--the public is invited to attend.

  • Have the American News delivered to your home each evening and Sunday morning for only $.50 per week.  “Paperboys” will “collect” each Thursday evening--please have the correct change.


February 28, 1976

National Headlines:

  • AT&T announced an increase in long distance rates wouldl take effect nationwide at the end of this week.  The sharpest increase will be seen on long distance calls requiring operator assistance--collect calls, person-to-person calls, and credit card calls.

  • Presidential hopeful, former Georgia governor, Jimmy Carter, is leading the Democratic pack after the New Hampshire primary.  Other contenders include Indiana’s Birch Bayh (Bye) Alabama’s George Wallace, and Arizona’s Morris Udall.

State Headlines:

  • Governor Richard Kneip vetoed a bill to allow personalized license plates for SD drivers.  He said he “sees no need for this type of plate”

Local/Area Headlines:

  • Holgate Junior High theater students will present “The Wizard of Oz”.  Roger McCafferty is on the lighting crew. 

  • The St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary is preparing for it’s fundraiser “The Cardiac Capers”-- a variety show featuring local talent directed by a professional director.  Funds raised will be used to help purchase cardiac monitoring equipment for the intensive care unit.

  • Local men interested in Barbershop singing are asked to attend an informational meeting about the possibility of organizing a local barbershop chorus.

  • “American Graffiti” starts next week at the Cinema Twin.

  • Aberdeen’s Bantam Hockey team finished 2nd in a recent tournament.  Team members include:  Todd Campbell and Stewart Schipke.  Tom Tobin is the head coach.

  • The Aberdeen Exchange Club will present A Freedom Shrine to Aberdeen Central High School.  The shrine includes reproductions of 28 historically famous American documents including the Declaration of Independence.

  • The city of Westport will make another attempt to become an incorporated town.  Its first attempt was held up because the town’s boundaries included portions of 2 different school districts.

  • Early bird special at Westra TV & Appliance.  5000 BTU air conditioner just $168


February 29, 1984 - Happy Leap Year.

National Headlines:

  • Grammy winners:  Anne Murray--best female country vocalist; Lee Greenwoodbest male country vocalist; Alabama best country group; Amy Grant best female gospel artist; best female pop artist Irene Cara (Flashdance); Culture Club best new pop artist; and Michael Jackson won a record 8 Grammys in varied categories.

State Headlines:

  • The Edgemont SD Chamber of Commerce is running a “Why Not” campaign in hopes of becoming the site for the nation’s radioactive garbage.  Locals launched this effort to combat outsiders asking “Why” when hearing the town actually sought out this business opportunity.

  • Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald, will perform with the SD Symphony in its upcoming concert season.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • ACT 2, Aberdeen’s community theater group, has established a 24 hour ticket reservation telephone line to assist patrons secure tickets for its upcoming production of “Candida”

  • Students from 15 schools raised over $10,000 in the Jump Rope for Heart event. 

  • Traffic lights have been installed on 6th Avenue and Dakota Street to help ease congestion.

  • There is a liquidation sale now going on at Duane Heathman Piano & Organ, 512 S Main.

  • Aberdeen Central students selected for All State band include:  Terry Beckler, Erik Malchow and Scott Solberg.

  • Enjoy a different $.99 specials each day at Aunt Chilotta Tacos at 15 6th Ave SW

  • See Barbara Streisand in “Yentl” at the Cinema Twin theater or Shirley MacLaine in “Terms of Endearment” at the Capitol.