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Carnival Games

Hook A Duck  -  Catch ducks on a hook and put them in a barrel for points in this carnival-style game.

Run Your Own Fair - You are in charge of running your local county fair.  What will you do first?  Install the biggest, most fabulous rides?  Fire the staff and assemble your dream team of carnies.   Set up tasty food concessions to sell deep fried soda and other delicacies?  Now is your chance to give it a whirl! 

Horse Races - It's off to the races.  Here comes Clyde in the backstretch.  Check out the seven different horse racing games to choose from. 

More Horse Races And Jumping Games - Force...Grace...Speed... The horses are perfect.  If you admire horses and equestrian sport, you'll love the collection of free online horse games.

Car Racing Fun - Find some of the most awesome car racing games online.  You find other driving games, whether a bike, truck or car.   On your marks, get set... GO!!!