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Weed & Pest

Chris Hemen - Supervisor

Mailing Address:
25 Market St.

Phone: (605) 626-7145

Fax: (605) 626-4012

Weed Board Members

President:  Troy Knecht

Vice President: Mark Hoven

Commissioner:  Rachel Kippley

Duane Jark

Dennis Wiedebush

The Brown County Weed and Pest Supervisor’s job is to control State and Local noxious weeds; respond to infestation complaints; input and recommend control measures; control noxious weeds on county roads, right of ways and other easements; and distribute flea beetles for biological control of leafy spurge.

Weed and Pest Department Responsibilities:

*Control noxious weeds
*Collect flea beetles to aid in biological control of leafy spurge
*Maintain equipment
*File, records, bills
*Maintain spraying licensing
*Mosquito spraying for smaller towns and communities in Brown County.

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Brown County Local Noxious Weeds:

Absinth Wormwood:

Bull Thistle:

Musk Thistle:

Plumeless Thistle:

Yellow Toadflax:

Statewide Noxious Weeds

Local Noxious Weeds