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This Day in History - February 18 - 22

February 18, 1987

National Headlines:

  • Researchers at Northwestern University of Medicine have released the results of a study revealing that eating 2 ounces of an oat product like Oatmeal each day would lower cholesterol levels up to 5% in just a few weeks. 

  • Ford Motor Company recorded earnings of $3.3 million for 1986 thus surpassing both GM and Chrysler for year end profits 

State Headlines:

  • Former Governor Bill Janklow has taken a job with Daugherty, Dawkins, Strand & Yost, a Minneapolis based investment banking firm.  He will continue to reside in South Dakota and commute to Minneapolis 

Local/Area Headlines:

  • A group of Aberdeen riders is proposing a bike trail be built from Northwest Aberdeen to Wylie Park.  To date, no bike trails exist in Aberdeen.

  • Chuck Mewing of Aberdeen has been selected for induction into the Dakota Musicians Hall of Fame.

  • Don’t miss Johnny Holm tonight and hypnotist, Carol Ruane(Ru-aine) tomorrow night at the Lumber Company’s Rafters Room.

  • Rhonda Haglund was named to the fine arts dean’s list at USD for the fall semester.

  • Howard Hedger Elementary School has announced its new student council members elected for the 2nd semester.  They include:  3rd grade--David Sandvig,  5th grade--Maria McDermott,  6th grade--Trent White.

  • More than 300 hundred people attended the Bristol Booster Club’s “Lip Sync Variety Show” last weekend.  The event raised over $1000 for the Boosters.

  • See George P. Sullivan at World Electronics for all your electronic needs--tapes, players, cords, recorders.

  • Dana Locken, a collection supervisor at South Dakota Student Loan Corporation, has been chosen to represent Aberdeen in the state’s Young Career Woman contest.

  • On TV tonight:  Placido Domingo in Concert on PBS; “Perfect Strangers”  “Magnum P.I.”


February 19, 1966

National Headlines:

  • Just in time for the celebration of George Washington’s birthday, the Washington monument has been re-opened after being closed for a day and a half for major cleaning that includes painting and scrubbing off graffiti. This is over and above the weekly cleaning performed by Park Service crews who haul out 40 gallons of dust and wash the 898 steps inside the 555 foot shaft.

State Headlines:

  • All Army and Air National Guard units in South Dakota participated in a statewide “no-notice alert” and the goals of having 30% of guardsmen report in 30 minutes and 70% report in 60 minutes were met.  This drill is conducted annually using commercial radio and TV to announce the alert.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • The entire area is in the grips of a cold wave.  The overnight temperature in Aberdeen reached -25 and Watertown registered -19.

  • Simmons Junior High celebrated “Color Day” yesterday.  Mr. Ryan’s Latin Class opened the assembly by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Latin.  The yelling contest was won by the ninth graders.

  • Area bakers are baking cherry pies for the benefit of the Heart Fund.  Pies should be baked in disposable pie tins and delivered to any Aberdeen bank or the Super City Mall by next Tuesday. 

  • Cresbard upset Agar 63-58 last night.  Greg Gabler had 13 for the Comets and Curt Robbennolt had 19 for Agar.

  • The Eureka Trojans wrapped up a perfect 20-0 season by defeating Doland 65-56.  Dave Bauer had 19 for Eureka and Darrel Hahn had 19 for the Wheelers.

  • Stop at Auto Dine at the Super City Mall for “Hatchet Day” (Washington’s Birthday) to get 8 juicy burgers for $1.00 or a single hamburger and french fries for $.25

  • Other Super City Mall merchants celebrating with special sales all week for Washington’s Birthday are:  White Drug; Tempo-Skelly; Bur-Mars; Jeff’s Fairway Foods; Tempo; Ben Franklin; and Osborn’s Menswear.

  • Jobs currently available in Aberdeen:  Legal secretary, shorthand and machine dictation required; nurses $470/month; barber position available at the Sherman Barbershop.

  • Tune into Dick Clark’s American Bandstand at 12:30pm today.


February 20, 1975

National Headlines:

  • President Gerald Ford signed legislation to temporarily raise the federal government’s debt limit to $531 billion.  The newer limit is good through the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

State Headlines:

  • For the first time this year, state legislators receive $25 per day for expenses in addition to their $5000 salary.

Local/Area Headlines;

  • Bostwick’s, Joregenson’s, Woolworth’s and Red Owl have supplied merchandise for the “Model Store” to open at Central High School.  Students will be responsible for all aspects of this mini-retail business--inventory, record keeping, and staffing.

  • Be sure to attend the NSC basketball game this weekend at the Civic Arena--  “Bud Man” will be presented a special award at half time.

  • Northern’s theater department has scheduled five performances of “The Music Man” later this spring.  Children wishing to audition to be part of “the band” should  report to Johnson Fine Arts Center on Saturday morning.

  • Aberdeen pediatrician, Dr. Noel deDionuus (D-D-on-us) closed his Aberdeen practice on February 1.  He has re-enlisted in the Air Force where he will continue to serve as a pediatrician.

  • The Roncalli High School Stage Band won second place in the “A” division of the 5th annual South Dakota State Band Festival

  • Paul Eckrich was Aberdeen’s only champion in the state A wrestling tournament.  Eckrich who wrestles for Roncalli took the title in the 105 pound class.  Central’s Charlie Call finished 3rd in the heavyweight division.

  • Tickets now available for “Chicago” in concert at Frost Arena in Brookings.  All seats are reserved and prices range from $5 to $7.50!!

  • Dance to Larry Mitzel and the Country Sons at the Eagles Club. 

  • Tonight on TV:  “The Waltons”, “Mac Davis” and “Ironside”


February 21, 1973

National Headlines:

  • Vermont became the 28th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.  38 states must give their approval before a constitutional amendment becomes law.

State Headlines

  • One of the bill’s the SD legislature is considering would raise the state’s minimum wage from $1.00/hour to $1.60/hour.

Local/Area Headlines

  • Get your Tobias Trousers (the cuffed flare) at Pants, Pants, Pants.  “The difference is in the cuff--permanent press action double knit fabric”

  • See “The Valachi Papers” the real story of real mobs at the Orpheum starting today.  Charles Bronson is Joe Valachi.

  • Business manager J.W. Deacon and Laverne Frink Holgate principal will be retiring from the Aberdeen public school system at the end of the term.

  • Visiting hours at St. Lukes are 11am - 9pm.   Exceptions:  pediatrics--parents only, obstetrics--husbands only!!

  • The Engel Music team finished 4th in the state amateur basketball tournament.  Team members include:  Steve Graf, Jim Stephenson, Skip Kurth, and Curt Fredrickson.

  • Dance to Mel’s Combo at the Aberdeen Country Club.

  • Clark Lunstrum and Patty Kiesz are among the featured soloists at Northern’s Collegiate Choir concert.

  • Fill up at Long’s Pit Stop (609 S Main) for just $.34 a gallon.  They’ll even pump it for you.

  • Tonight on TV:  “Flip Wilson”, “The Mod Squad” and “Adam 12”


February 22, 1963

National Headlines:

  • The Defense Department announced that an American shrimp boat with two crew members working in the water of the Florida Straits was fired upon by a Soviet-built MIG fighter based in Cuba.  Castro has denied any responsibility for the attack.

State Headlines:

  • The state legislature passed into law a bill calling for the start date of the State Fair to be moved ahead to the first Saturday before the first Monday (Labor Day) in September.  Currently the fair begins on Labor Day.

Local/Area Headlines:

  • See Martyn-Edwards for a new Chrysler Newport.  It’s a full-size V-8 powered car with rich fabric upholstery and lush carpeting plus America’s best and longest new-car warranty--5 years or 50,000 miles.  All for the great low price of $2964.

  • The ACT test will be given this Saturday in Spafford Hall at Northern.  Testing will begin at 9am and end at noon.

  • Highlights from the 1963 Chamber of Commerce Annual Report:
  • -There are 12,041 farms in Brown County--average land price is $43.60/acre
  • -There are 8 daily flights to/from Aberdeen
  • -Three rail lines serve the city
  • -A new industrial park is being planned to attract new industry to the city
  • -Plans have been drawn to build a 4 year Catholic high school at a cost of $1,250,000
  • -There are 5000 students in Aberdeen’s public schools
  • -Aberdeen is home to over 500 federal employees with a payroll of over $3 million
  • -There is a possibility of adding grass greens to Lee Park Golf Course in the next year
  • Tonight on TV:  “Route 66”  “Going My Way”  “M Squad” and “The Untouchables”